Moving meditation

Moving Meditation

This class is open to anyone with an interest in meditation. You do not need any previous experience but, if you already meditate, you will be supported in deepening your practice.

Our Moving Meditation practitioner Maria Black explains below how the class can help.

'Relax! Calm down,’ we are often told. But how?

Effort and will power usually have the opposite effect: we just tense more. Indirect methods work better, especially when they have been refined over thousands of years, like meditation.

Most forms of meditation start with attention to a particular movement: breathing. In these classes we explore a rich mix of movements –all small and gentle, accessible to anyone, irrespective of their state of health and fitness.

You can choose to sit in a chair, on a meditation cushion or lying on the floor. We cultivate our ability to be present with whatever sensations, emotions or thoughts come up, so that we are not swept away by them and can respond to life's challenges in a more balanced and grounded way.

All you need to enjoy the class is to wear comfortable clothes and have a handful of curiosity.

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