Yoga Class

Our yoga class is a gentle course for beginners. This will be helpful for you if you are stressed, have neck or shoulder tension, lower back or hip pain. Men particularly are very welcome!  

In the class you will learn how to breathe properly, how to relax your neck and how to develop strength in your core. There will be breathing exercises, gentle core building exercises which are excellent for lower back pain, twists, standing poses, and a deep relaxation session at the end. 

As well as being fantastic for relaxation, yoga helps you to help yourself – you will feel empowered and grounded. You will feel energised and more aware of how you feel in your body and more open.

Classes are held fortnightly on a Friday from 2.30pm to 3.30pm (alternating with Moving Meditation). 

Click here for our October to December 2018 Wellbeing Diary.