How the Alexander Technique can help

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a very gentle, non-invasive hands-on practice that teaches you to be more aware of how you move in all daily activities. You can understand where you are holding tension in your body and learn how to reduce it. Here our Centre practitioner Deborah Levy explains how the technique can help.

The Alexander Technique can improve the quality of everything you do. With an increased awareness you can:

· reduce acute and chronic pain

· prevent pain developing

· be better balanced and coordinated

· increase your well-being

· move more lightly and effortlessly

· be more alert and focused

· breathe and speak more easily

· become more calm and confident

If you are living with or recovering from cancer, Alexander Technique can help you feel more positive about your body, help to reduce pain and help you to cope with stress. 

An Alexander Technique lesson usually lasts for about 50 minutes. You remain fully clothed except to remove your shoes and it is more comfortable to wear loose clothes and for women to wear trousers.

About half of the lesson involves standing, sitting, walking and the other half of the lesson is spent on the treatment table. The Alexander Technique teacher touches you very gently and moves your limbs, asking you not to help, so that you can get feedback as to where you hold tension and have the opportunity to release it. Doing this is pleasurable, increases a sense of well-being and teaches you how you can notice this and do this for yourself.

Like any skill, the more you practice Alexander Technique, the better you get, and it will help you prevent more health and functional problems as the years go by.

Whatever your reasons for having lessons, the Alexander Technique works with the whole person. It is a truly holistic approach to help you back to a more harmonious state of being.

For more details about Alexander Technique at the Centre, please contact our support team on 020 7924 3924.

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